7 Days of Marriage

Topics: Literature, English language, Literary theory Pages: 21 (5222 words) Published: October 13, 2013
Students will become more familiar with authors and genres from various periods of American literature. •Students will recognize the influence of American history and culture on American writers. •Students will recognize themes that are uniquely American, as well as those that are universal. •Students will learn how different writers, communities, and cultures have defined and articulated what it means to be “American.” INSTRUCTIONAL PROCEDURES: The instructor may use the following instructional techniques during the course: lecture, collaborative learning, self-reflection, class discussions, and research projects.

96 - 100% A
90 - 95% A-
87 – 89% B+
83 – 86% B
80 – 82% B-
77 - 79% C+
73 - 76% C
70 – 72% C-
67 – 69% D+
63 – 66% D
60 – 62% D-

The following is the approximate grade distribution for the course along with the Indiana English Content Standards they address. 30% In-class Participation [Addressed in Attachment D]
Response Journals, in-class Quizzes, discussion, attendance The best way for you to be prepared for class is to maintain a response journal. The journal could include questions, observations, puzzling quotations or favorite quotations that you try to analyze, and other responses to the text being read. •For most stories, I have discussion prompts on Moodle.

You may be expected to share your responses with the class during class discussion. You may be asked to begin the class discussion based on your journal entry. •The journal entries are not simply to be your positive or negative reaction to the work. They are to reflect your efforts to analyze the work. •For each entry, you should direct the reader to specific lines/passages in the work discussed. You will need to cite the page number using MLA documentation. •Minimum length: ¾ page, typed.

There should be a response entry for each major work we study. •The entry is due the first day of discussion of the play. You may not turn in late response entries. •The responses may not be emailed to me.

I may begin the discussion of a selection with a quiz. The quizzes are short and are given to ensure that the students who are reading the text will receive credit for their efforts. In turn, if you are not reading the text, your final grade will be affected. While I am prepared to fill the class with lecture, I much prefer that we have a lot of class discussion. There can be several valid interpretations of a piece of literature. Your opinion about the work that is under discussion may be a valued addition to the class’s understanding of the work. Your response journal can be the basis of your input, or you may have an “ah-ha” moment in class. Be willing to share your thoughts!

50% Testing [Addressed in Attachment D]
Quiz (10%)
Midterm (20%)
Final (20%)
20% Papers [Addressed in Attachment D]
Major Paper (10%)
The major paper will be a research paper over an approved author, preferably one that is in the text. You should get approval of your author before you begin your research. The paper should be 6-8 typed pages in length with 6-8 references cited. [Remember that all Internet sources must be approved in advance. Get approval as soon as you feel you have a valid source.] The paper should be documented using the latest MLA format. Your author paper should include the following.

oAn introduction summarizing the author’s literary contribution. oA thorough overview that not only summarizes the author’s major works, but also characterizes his or her style and major thematic concerns, illustrating points with examples drawn from at least two of the author’s works. This is the meat of your paper! oBe sure to include a conclusion—a summarizing of the impact of the...
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