5g Cellular

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Title of Presentation: Millimetre Wave Mobile Communications for 5G Cellular Brief Description:
What is 5G cellular?
The 4G telecommunication systems is the one which is used most recently. The 5th generation or the 5G technology and services are now being developed. Currently, the 5G technology for cellular systems is in its early development stages. Improvements that might be seen with 5G technology include far better levels of connectivity and coverage. The term World Wide Wireless Web or WWWW is being coined for this. 5G technology has the following new methods like: to provide high data rates available over a wide area of the cell, provide ad-hoc wireless networks for much speedier data flow, limit interference and improve overall cell capacity using smart antennas. These new 5G technologies are still being developed and the overall standards have not yet be defined. However as the required technologies develop, they will be incorporated into the new system which will be defined by the standards bodies over the coming years.

Use of Millimetre Wave Mobile Communication in 5G Cellular:

Wireless communication has fundamentally revolutionized the way we live and conduct business in today’s world. With the invention of smartphones, tablets or sky rockets, consumers demand grater data rates to their mobile devices, every cellular provider around the world continues to face the permanent problem of bandwidth shortage. Today the cellular world operates in small slices of frequency, all below 5GHz. The cell tower can only transmit a small amount of capacity even using the 4G LTE technology. The key to alleviate this growing spectrum shortage is to operate at higher frequencies (millimetre wave frequencies such as 28 and 38 GHz, where a lot of raw bandwidth is available). Thus faster data rates can be delivered to next generation of smartphones. Wireless...
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