4th of July

Topics: The Star-Spangled Banner, United States, Fireworks Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: April 4, 2007
The Fourth of July*

Being born in the USA gave me the advantage to celebrate lots of holidays. One of my favorite events was the independence day. Were America got its freedom from the United Kingdome of Britain.

In the morning of 4th of July, my mom woke me up early and said: "get up and be ready for the barbeque at your uncle's house". I wanted to dose off more but the thought of the fireworks later at night made me jump out of my bed and rushed to put my clothes on. After everyone got ready we jumped in our car and drove to my uncle's house. On the way we gazed at all the beautiful decorations from the American flags to banners of independence, on the way up to the driveway I saw all my cousins playing with fireworks, instantly my mom looked back at me and said:" don't think of playing with the fireworks without any adult supervision, or you would not be allowed go with us to the firework celebration site." I looked back at her in an angry face and said:" mom you are so unfair!!!!!".

After the few hours at the barbeque every relative of ours packed some chairs and water bottles and we all headed to the one of many celebration sites. We arrived a little bit earlier to get a good seats and view around the lake where the appointed people will demonstrate a beautiful selection of fireworks, when it got dark and all the people got around they announced to lay back and watch the sky lights up with all kind of colors and bright lights, along with the song of the national anthem of America roaring in the area, after the demonstration I said to my parents: " thank you for this night, it was the most exciting 4th of July celebration I have ever been to."

4th of July would be the best celebration or historical event to ever watch. Hoping to all my friends to get the chance to witness such massive celebration.
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