4 11 English

Topics: African American, Southern United States, Black church Pages: 1 (214 words) Published: December 17, 2014
4.11 Accent
By: Elexus Foster

1. What is the type of artifact that you photographed?
I have located and found an artifact in my city that reflects the African American Culture. I chose to pick the Ritz Theatre. 2. Where in your town is this art located?
The artifact is located at 829 N Davis Street, Jacksonville, FL, 32202. 3. What part of the African-American culture (dress, customs, personal experience) does this artifact preserve? Used for music, dance, theatre, and movies.

4. Why is this artifact significant in the preservation of the African-American culture? Because it was where African Americans use to go to play music, dance, and etc., it was where African Americans could escape, and be able to showcase their talent to people. 5. Describe the artifact in your photo.

It also known as the Harlem of the South. African-Americans held senior positions in the government and in the police and fire departments. The Great Fire of 1901 began in northern LaVilla and burned most of Jacksonville, though LaVilla's business district was spared. In 1929, the Ritz movie theatre was built. In the 1960s and '70s, the Ritz and LaVilla business and entertainment district declined; as the walls of segregation begin to fall, many middle and upper-class African-Americans used their new found opportunities to move to other areas of the city.
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