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The Judgement Day !
Hemant had just started taking over as ASM in “Rurban”, after his yearlong training in Fevicol division. He was to lead a team that markets all Pidilite products, in towns below 50k population. Having completed a year at Pidilite, Hemant was on his well- earned annual leave and was visiting his maternal uncle, near Satara in Maharashtra. Govindmama was a farmer with a small 5 Acre farm, but very passionate about his small animal rearing and rice farming abilities. While Hemant used to always enjoy his stay at mama’s place since childhood, this time was somewhat different. He knew that his mama was a typical “Rurban” Customer – rural location, but urban aspirations. What could he learn in this trip that could help him create an impact in his job?

One distinct difference that Hemant found between his mama’s place and his home, was that most of the house maintenance and odd job work was done by mama himself, unlike at his home where the local electrician / carpenter / plumber were on call. Govindmama loved to keep doing odd jobs, and swore by Pidilite products like Fevicol, Fevikwik etc, and had been amazed to learn that even MSeal and Steelgrip was from Pidilite itself. Hemant also found that Govindmama used a local brand of Solvent Cement (the solution used to join PVC pipes – used for irrigation), and was unaware that Pidilite made MSeal Solvent Cement, or that Pidilite made Teflon tapes for plumbing applications. Rural was clearly a much more Do-It-Yourself market, than urban, but Pidilite had a task on hand to create awareness here.

Hemant kept observing his maternal ancestral place, now in a new light. Everywhere he saw an opportunity for Pidilite products. Pidilite also had products to use in construction the DR Fixit Range – Products that could give strength to new construction, or products that could repair leaking walls / Roofs, and also products that could stop ground seepage, if used during construction. One more difference he...
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