303 support learning acti

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Anthony brown
303 Support Learning Activities
In schools teachers are required to complete long, medium and short term planning this means that it could be planning for the entire year, the term or the week. The long term planning provides a summary of the subject content. A medium term plan shows an overview of the activities and topics example pirates. Short term shows detail such as learning aims, activities, resources, differentiation, staffing, and timescale. Usually a teaching assistant will be asked to help with the short term planning of learning activities this maybe the short term planning. Everybody attending the class such as the teacher, teaching assistant and students should know the lesson objectives which will be displayed somewhere around the classroom. The teacher and the teaching assistant will follow the planning cycle which consists of planning the lesson and what will be happening in the lesson, teaching the subject and completing worksheets (if any) and evaluate the lesson by feeding back to the teacher about what went well and what could be improved next time. A teaching assistant will contribute to the planning by getting resources together, adapt the work to suit a child’s needs, health and safety (informal) by checking if the room is safe enough to work in, the duration of the lesson which may vary with the delivery depending on the lesson. A teaching assistant will contribute to the delivery of the lesson by taking small groups to complete group work, 1:1 if a child may be struggling with a piece of work set by the teacher and needs that extra help, behaviour management dealing with inappropriate behaviour to make the lesson go smoother, record observations by recording did the pupil understand the work what could they improve on in their work, praising the children for good work. A teaching assistant will contribute to the evaluation by feeding back to the teacher of how their group/1:1 pupils did on the subject this could be...
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