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3.02 México Interior - Práctica

By JuliaRaine1 Aug 04, 2013 361 Words
3.02 México interior - Práctica

A. Answer the following about the Aztecs and the Conquistadors.

1.Describe the life of the Aztecs. What is Tenochtitlan? How big was that city? The biggest city with one hundred thousand people
2.What was sold at the Aztec market?
you could nuy almost anything, people would sell cloth wove by hand or birds that had beautiful feathers, you could always buy lots of delecious fruit, most important corn 3.What was the main staple of the Aztec diet?

4.What were some of the reasons that Cortez wanted to conquer the Aztecs? Because he loved Gold Cortez decided to go there. The Aztec would turn other people into slaves. 5.What were some of the biggest advantages the Spanish had over the Aztecs? guns,they knew more, and they had more people

6.What were the religious beliefs of both groups? Which group tried to convert the other one to their religion? The Aztec belived in many different gods, some ofthe biggest buildings were temples, and the preistswouldmake human sacrifices in hope of rain; and the Spanish misionaries were Chistian mostly.

B.Write a short composition in English comparing and contrasting Mexico City today and Mexico City of long ago (Tenochtitlan). Be sure to include:

Population (number)
1The government
2The ruins
3Modes of transportation
4Lifestyle in general

Mexico City today is much larger than it was when it was Tenochtitlan. the population is 8.851 million today. The government today has a persident serving one term holding most of the power, whereas the Aztecs had a ruler in charge of everything.The ruins are the remain of what the Aztecs used to have at the capatial of the city.Good high ways exist throughout the country people have cars and the use of buses, also there are shipports though small and hold litle cargo. The lifestyle today may not be better thn it was but it is different, with many people who live in crowded areas, with little or no plumbing.

After completing these sections, go to the assessment area and attach your work to 3.02/Asignación.

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