20-20/20 Short Story

Pages: 1 (166 words) / Published: Sep 22nd, 2016
20/20 is a story about two people, Bill and Ruthie who are going on a road trip. At first Bill thought that Ruthie was kind of stupid because of her simple remarks on things that she saw and because she saw things that he did not. For example, she saw Bigfoot on a tree stump, while he just saw a tree stump. This shows that just because someone has better vision than the other, does not necessarily mean that the person sees things better. Although Bill had better vision than Ruthie did, she had better imagination than he did, which made her see things better. This reminds me of a car commercial where a guy and his son, who was a toddler were going somewhere. The little boy saw all sort of things like seeing the trees turn into different things

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