19th Century Economic System

Topics: European Union, European Coal and Steel Community, European Economic Community Pages: 4 (1241 words) Published: February 27, 2012
During the nineteenth century, Europe had a difficult time creating a stable economic system. Through trial and error they created The Common Market, which lead to the creation of The European Atomic Community and The European Coal and Steel Community. These three economic systems make up The European Community. The European Community has given Europe one of the most thriving economies to this day.1 “The United States of Europe” was the first of many attempts at a stable economic system before the creation of The European Community.1 The next experimental economic system was a Council of Europe. Ten delegates, representing the ten countries in Europe, met in Strasbourg France in 1949 with the confidence that it would become a dominant governmental body for federated Europe. The Council of Europe increased in membership and continued to promote the idea of federation over the years but it never became a dominant political force. Its main focus was on humanitarian, cultural and social issues. The Council of Europe set up a European Court of Human Rights. This court guarded the rights of individual in its member’s nations against dogmatic government actions. The European Court of Humans Rights also outlawed the death penalty for convicted criminals and banned corporal punishment in the school systems. In 1948 Benelux was formed. Benelux provided benefits of a legitimate free trade area for the three smallest countries in the European Community. Jean Monnet was a French Administrator who had helped rearrange the French economy after the Second World War. During that time Jean Monnet realized that in order to establish European unity they had to start with specific objectives that stayed along normal economic lines. Monnet designed The Schuman Plan in 1952 in which six west European countries (France, the federal republic of Germany, Italy, and the three Benelux nations) placed their coal and steel industries under a form of supranational authority. This plan led to...

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