19th and 20th Century Cultural Groups

Topics: Culture, Atlantic slave trade, Western culture Pages: 3 (852 words) Published: March 13, 2011
In a cultural group in the 19th and 20th the western cultures started becoming more modern with technology, communication and military(). This modernization had given the western culture more political power and economic success in other cultures(). As the western cultures gained more accomplishments, other cultures were more pessimistic about the change and progression(). Non-western cultures were already set in their own ways with their own values. They were not ready to change or modify their culture. Decentering began when these countries began to lose their identities. In the 19th and 20th century decentering of culture meant the influences from the western cultures cause decentering of other cultures. In the 20th century more things that made a big impact economically such as fashion, media, communication, traditions, music, and technology began to change and modernize times(). Technology and communication has made a big impact growth since 19th century(). Most of cultures music and literature was passed down from generation to generation(). The European had a greater impact on the African culture. African culture was very devastating families and villages began to fall as men were being sold or traded as slaves(). Before the 19th century the Non-western cultures like Africa had well established traditions. Before the Europeans intervened they lived in large villages with main families. Art, music and dance was a major part of the African culture(). Part of Africa tradition was to dance at each stage of the human development, the seasons passing or stages of agriculture year (). In earlier years Africa use to be a prosperous nation. Ghana controlled all of trading of gold, salt, ivory iron and slavery. In the 12th century there were millions of slaves. Ghana had military to keep peace throughout the land. Some African converted to Islam religion to avoid salvery(). The African culture was changed by the Europeans because they were very powerful, both...
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