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Topics: China, Song Dynasty, Tang Dynasty Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: October 15, 2014
The Chinese paper cuts
During the 21st century, the rapid economic growth brings people lots of benefit, at the same moment, modernization and urbanization also bring crisis to us, the great progress in the economy lead us to forget our traditional culture gradually, people tend to focus on making money. In other words, if people still doing nothing but making money, the traditional culture is no longer exist in the world.

In fact, there is lot of traditional folk arts in China, for example the Chinese paper cuts, they are made up with a piece of red paper which cut into complex design or pattern. Usually, people tend to use a knife or scissors to cut numerous papers at the same time because this can save time and produce large quantity of paper cuts at once. There is no doubt that Chinese paper cuts have an important role in the traditional Chinese culture as it consists of rich cultural value. Therefore, people have the responsibility to protect this kind of traditional culture otherwise our next generations may not have a chance to know about it. During this paper, it will focus on talking about different aspects. Firstly, it will focus on talking about the background of Chinese paper cut in different dynasties, second, it will discuss the techniques and the tool in creating paper cut, third, it will introduce different types and uses of paper cuts, forth, it will discuss about the spirit and meaning of the Chinese paper cuts. Lastly, it will compare the difference between Chinese paper cuts and Western paper cuts.

1.The background of Chinese paper cuts in different Dynasties Chinese paper cuts are very popular among the Chinese society, it has a close relationship with the customs. Since there is no restriction on the design, people are likely to cut the red paper according to their interests or wills. The origin of Chinese paper cuts can track back to the 6th century which is the Han Dynasty and this is also the period of invention of paper. In...
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