1930's Farm Life

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Farm Life in the 1930’s

I have always lived on a farm for the majority of my life. Nowadays life now on a farm for me is much more different then how life was back then. The kids back then had it tough too they most likely had to work all day on the fields and your future was already determined once you were born. Just because there was no one else to take over the farm once your dad got too old or incapable to work. So with this said you were going to take up on you fathers trade for the family. Now though everyone has options on what they want to become, but the real question is, is that when you lived on a farm back then was your future almost always guaranteed to become a farmer?
Search Process
Out of pure interest I decided that I would research this topic and find out for myself if this was actually the case. During my search I found that finding info about this wasn’t so easy since most sources don’t actually talk about the farmer’s heritage, but how they coped with the great depression. Eventually with some refining of my search questions I was able to find out the answer to my question while also finding how the farm kids life’s were like back then. To me this was very intriguing due to the fact that difference between lives now and then was a world of a difference. Although to me I find this as a very interesting topic my classmates do not take too much of an interest to it. I found great interest in this specific subject just cause I always thought It was neat because this is what I could’ve become if I were perhaps born on a farm back then compared to now. While searching I also developed more questions that arose due to my curiosity of this type of life style. What I came to think about was how much harder or easier was it for farmers during the Great Depression to make it through. I thought this was a very good question because most farmers back then were secluded, but because of the depression they most likely would not be able to

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