1920 1939 Study Sheet

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1920 1939 Study Sheet
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1)women­ The reason why the Women were upset after the war is because they were only given some of the rights that the men had. Plus the women were working so hard, taking men’s jobs so that the production keeps going, and they were still treated like they weren’t people Veterans­ They thought that they would come back and have a job and all the gifts that the government would give them like the money that they were supposed get but didn’t.
Plus they came back hoping that they would still have their jobs that they left to go to the war but they didn’t and if you were and younger man you couldn’t find work because they still didn’t have their education yet. Workers­ the workers were upset because they were getting laid off, because they were working in the factories that would be making the supplies for the soldiers and when the war ended they didn’t need the supplies any more so they didn’t need the workers any more. 2)The two ways that the economy changed in Canada is that right after the war everything was going good and a lot of were making money and could afford to buy the technology that was be invented (cars, radios, fridges, microwaves). Once the stock markets crashed everyone that didn’t take their money out in time was in serious debt and they most likely lost everything (house, car) and went on a downward spirial. 3a) A day of rioting and violence which ended the Winnipeg General­Bloody saturday
C)Ted rogers
E)Statute of winchester
G)On to Ottawa trek
H)Buying on credit
J)Mary pickford
L)riding the rails
M)Buying on margin

P)Black tuesday
Q)Lionel conacher
R)Model T
S)foster hewitt
T)Group of seven
V)Bennett Buggy 6) The advances in technology really made the 1920’s really boom because everyone had the money to buy the new technology like cars, radios, etc, but when it hit the 1930’s no

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