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By Maryam-Matti Dec 02, 2013 1190 Words
Palestine and Israel

Palestinian and Israeli are fighting over the land and they have been fighting for a long time.  This country is divided to two parts Israel and Palestine, but most likely to Israel.  Edward Said used photographs to give an image of the life and culture there.  He wanted to free his country.  Edward Said was defending his own people by his essays. First of all, Edward Said used photographs to give an image of how Palestinians are living in Jerusalem, Jordan, Ramallah, Lebanon and Gaza. The pictures give an idea and reality to his readers about the problems that most Palestinians are facing in everyday life. Many people don’t understand how the life in other countries and how it’s too different from western culture. When there is a picture it makes the readers more into the subject because for a people it can relate to them in anyhow. Some of the photographs relate to me and reminded me of my life when I was a refugee in Jordan. Edward Said was making sure we know and understand what is going on. For example the pictures to us are just people in the photographs, but to Said it is much more than that. In page 541 the wedding picture and people around the Mercedes, people in Palestine think the Mercedes value a lot but to us it just a car. I used to think Mercedes is something special too but when I came here and thought anyone can have it, but people there are poor and they know the value. These children in the pictures they are smiling but who knows if they were really happy or they had to smile for the picture, that picture had me thinking. Also, Edward Said had his own books published in the United States but mostly in the Middle East to support the Palestinian.  I think that Edward Said died happy because he knew that he did something amazing for his country and people.  Edward Said was great man from what I read about him in his essay, and how he fought for his country, not by using any gun or any violation act, but he used his words, photographs and the truth because he had his own experiences with this issue. Secondly, Edward Said wanted freedom for his country.  Israel has been taking over Palestine and many of Israeli soldiers there. Our countries are big parts of who we are because There is no place to be but home, we all want to be home because home is a place where we feel safe and where we belong to, but the Palestinians have been spread all over the world and most of them want to live their own culture and traditions and to be away from home makes us feel empty.  For example, when I was in Iraq we would celebrate our holidays and much culture belief but now people cannot do anything they just stay home because they don’t want to get killed or they would leave the country. Many Palestinians left and many got thrown in refugee camps.  In refugee camps all these people who get thrown in the camps help each other by cooking, sharing food, planting, building houses, and children play together. People are being stopped by Israeli militaries if they are walking outside and they have to prove they live there. Moreover, Palestinians are not treated well and unfairly in other countries too that they escaped to. They don’t have the right as the owners of the countries, this reminded me how my older siblings couldn’t go to school in Jordan because we weren’t Jordanian One of the pictures in Said’s essay reminded me of my friends’ house when their house got exploded.  I felt really sad for her and her family. Her father passed away with a heart attack. Many people are still dying and the government is not doing anything but protecting their money. Israel and Palestine have been fighting over many years but seems to be there will never be in peace. Thirdly, Edward Said explained life struggles in Palestine.  He spent most of his times helping the Palestinians by writing about them and putting his words and supporting his books.  People have tough life there, sharing your country with other people and not having all the rights.  Edward Said defended his own land from separating the East and the West. I as a refugee know how it feels to leave your country and start a new life and few people could have done what Edward Said did.  I remember I when left my country with all these people coming from other countries taking over Iraq.  I felt I should go out and fight for each person from my county and save their life, but all we could do was nothing, especially the one that cannot do anything with the government.  When the United States entered Iraq, I felt I’m not home anymore, not in my own country because they were taking over everything.  It got worse when the entire terrorist got in the country and exploded churches and cars and trucks in every street.  A lot of people moved out from the country as I did.  I went to Jordan. In the beginning I had a tough life but still better than when I was in Iraq.  My family had not enough money to get me and my other siblings to school.  I had to stay home for two years and my oldest brother and sister did not finish school at all because they had to work all the time for the family.  All families had to spread around the world.  My friends who I don’t know if they are alive or safe yet, I haven’t heard anything from them.  It is same with the Palestinians they didn’t feel they were home anymore and many of them had to leave the country to be safe.  The most important thing is that he did not forget about his country, he spoke out for Palestinian the in United States. Many people couldn’t speak in public about their country because they could be punished by enemies.   In the final what I had learned so much about Edward Said and how he was a hero for his country, he moved here in early age and did not forget about his country and became a powerful man, he wanted the liberty and let the Palestinian voice to be heard. Many Palestinians want to restore their country, and collect together the broken pieces. I learned that every human go through tough times and no one has a perfect life, but I wonder when will they ever going to stop the fighting. Edward Said gave and image and influenced many about Palestinians life. It is hard to watch your people suffering and dying while other nations helping Israel with weapons. Palestinian must be proud of Edward Said and his accomplishment. Edward Said used and shows photograph in his essay because a picture is worth a thousand words.

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