1001EHR Employment Relations

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1001EHR Employment Relations
Essay: Assignment 1

For any type of company, human resources (HR) are the vital body and the people within that company are essential in keeping that body in fine fettle. This essay will analyse through diverse evidence whether or not “Manager’s encouragement of employee voice can lift the well-being and productivity”. Clearly said by Dulewicz (1989) “a basic human tendency is to make judgments about those one is working with, as well as about oneself”. Noting that appraisal is universal and inevitable, evaluating a person’s set performance to how well a job is done. Several studies have distinctly shown that an employee’s performances are not only based on their set pay wage but equally on their motivation level (Garrett, 1988). The direct performance of a company and its relationship with employee voice has been a controversial debate since the last decade. Employee voice can be described by the HR manager Eiretel, employee “voice is about corporate business communications and the strategy is designed in such a way that all employees worldwide can represent their views to management, rather than it being the other way around”.

Employee voice has become increasingly popular in the 21st century as business have encouraged participative management, despite its popularity employee voice can produce challenges and disadvantages for the company. A realistic example of this is the Qantas airline issue where employees of the company refused to work due to work related matters and issues, resulting in Alan Joyce (CEO of Qantas) grounding the entire fleet. This dispute was evidently displayed as Alan Joyce was forced to “lock out until the unions withdraw their extreme claim and reach an agreement with us” (News, 2011). Employees in some industries form a union so that their voices are heard. The risk of this is that it may go too far as to the demands of authority and their opinions. The Qantas issue is a prime example of how...

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