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01.04 Denotations and Connotations

By zromeo Aug 15, 2014 307 Words

1. Having demonstrated its versatility as a high-tech newswire, Twitter drew the attention of those who would prefer to see certain information suppressed. Synonym = Adaptability
Explanation: I chose the word adaptability, because the original word, "versatility" meant that it could easily compete and play a strong role in the social media world. 2. Millions of users attempted to log into Twitter only to be greeted by the service's iconic "fail whale," the image of a cartoon whale being hoisted into the air by a flock of birds, signaling a site outage. Synonym = Classical

Explanation: I chose the word Classical, because the original word "iconic" means something that is original or well known of. In this case, "classical" fits well. 3. Following the earthquake that struck Haiti in January 2010, Twitter reaffirmed its role as a powerful tool for the dissemination of information. Synonym = Spread

Explanation: I chose the word Spread, because the original word means to cover across or let known. In this scenario twitter released in formation so "spread" suits as a worthy synonym. 4. Additionally, it became an effective fund-raising platform, when the Red Cross launched a mobile giving campaign that surpassed all expectations. Synonym= staging

Explanation: I chose the word staging, because it is almost similiar becasue they could be considered bases, in this case as a basis for greater and better fund-raising. 5. High-profile users tweeted about the drive to help victims of the earthquake, and many of their followers tweeted and re-tweeted the message, helping the Red Cross raise more than $8 million through text messaging within 48 hours of the quake. Synonym = Turn

Explanation: I chose the word Turn , because in this sentence the word "drive" is used to describe the ambition of the people to help the victims of the earthquake, by choosing the word "turn" it shows that twitter helped for a turn for the the better.

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