КЛЮЧИ , 2 курс-аракин.

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Упражнения, задания: ключи к учебнику "Практический курс английского языка 2 курс" Аракина В.Д. Татищева Е.С. Владос 2005 ВУЗ: Иностранные языки
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Во многих случаях переводы как с русского языка на английский, так и с английского на русский даны в нескольких возможных вариантах. Оно будет полезно всем, изучающим английский язык. В пособии представлены ключи ко всем упражнениям учебника, кроме творческих заданий. Пособие предназначено для студентов и преподавателей филологических факультетов.

Ex. I, p. 8
1. If the boy were hungry, I would/should give him somethin to eat. 2. If the supper were ready, we should/would sit down t table. 3. If I got a good mark for my composition, I would/shoul be happy. 4. If Mary had more free time, she would read more 5. If the weather changed, we would/should go boating. 6. If had no opportunity to see him, I would/should be very sorry. 7. I it didn't rain, I wouldn't/shouldn't have to take my umbrella with me. 8. If she finished everything on Friday, she wouldn't have t work on Saturday. 9. If you caught a cold, you would have to sta at home. 10. If the child didn't do what I told him, I would/shoul have to punish him.

Ex. III, p. 9
l.The students liked the idea of working in the lab twice week. 2. We liked the idea of visiting our sick friend. 3. Th children liked the idea of going on an excursion. 4. We didn' like the idea of staying indoors all day long. 5. Don't you like th idea of going to the theatre tonight? 6. All of us liked the idea о arranging a party at our University. 8. We liked the idea of goin to the cinema after the lessons. Ex. IV, p. 9

1. If I weren't tired, I would walk about/around (go an look about/around) the city. 2. We wouldn't go to this performance tomorrow if it weren't the first night. 3. If I didn't live so far, I would visit you more often. 4. If he spoke louder, the audience would listen to him with more interest. 5. If she had a bad memory, she wouldn't be able to memorize so many figures at a time. 6 . I would like the idea of going to the Crimea/ I wouldn't mind going to the Crimea if it weren't so hot there now. 7. We all liked his idea of meeting at the beginning of the academic year. Ex. III, p. 19

grow — grew, grown
creep — crept, crept — ползти, тайком пробираться bear — bore, born — терпеть, выносить
break — broke, broken
keep — kept, kept
think — thought, thought
leap — leapt, leapt [lept]/leaped, leaped — прыгать mean — meant, meant [ment]

fall - fell, fallen
find — found, found
feel — felt, felt
say — said, said
cling — clung, clung — прижиматься
hear — heard, heard
meet — met,-met
run — ran, run
show — showed, shown
b) differ — differed, differing prefer — preferred, preferring murmur — murmured, murmuring appear — appeared, appearing occur — occurred, occurring recover — recovered, recovering remember — remember, remembering chatter — chattered, chattering — болтать, вести пустой разговор; трещать, тараторить; стучать refer — referred, referring stir — stirred, stirring water — watered, watering — 1. поливать; 2. слезиться fear — feared, fearing offer — offered, offering drag — dragged, dragging — тащить (волоком), волочить wag — wagged, wagging — вилять (хвостом) plan — planned, planning chat — chatted, chatting — болтать, непринужденно беседовать, говорить о том о сем slip — slipped, slipping beg — begged, begging

Ex.4, p.20


Ex. V, p. 20
The suffixes-ed and -y are used to form adjectives.
a) Freckled is derived from freckle and means веснушчатый Nosed is derived from nose and means носатый. It is also widely used in compounds: long-nosed — длинноносый; snub-nosed — курносый;...
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