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Topics: Empire of Japan, World War II, Mukden Incident Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: May 26, 2012
AbAbstract Exercise
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The research basically answers the question of how an embodied labor of migrant care workers in Singapore cares for the elders in the country. It explains how the transnational labor migrations of women as domestic and healthcare workers are integrally linked in the care chain. Drawing on interviews with employers, it goes on to argue that while the institutional mechanisms differ for the groups of care workers employed in these two spaces. This explanatory research was conducted within the framework of modern Singapore transnational care workers

<Perspectives on Politics>
The main question for this article is “When the State Speaks, What Should It Say?” He answers his explanatory research by suggesting how the dilemmas of freedom of expression and democratic persuasion might be resolved. The article argues that the state should protect the expression of illiberal beliefs, but that the state (along with its citizens) is also obligated to criticize publicly those beliefs. <Diplomacy and Statecraft>

“What was the enduring significance of the “Manchurian Problem” to pre-Second World War Japanese foreign policy and how did the 1931 Manchurian incident and the creation of Manchukuo in 1932 came to be regarded by many in the Japanese government as the solution to this three-decade long problem” is the main question for this abstract. The writer provides the answer with an analysis of a five-time foreign minister, Uchida Yasuya (1865–1936) understanding that the founding of Manchukuo marked the beginning of Japanese expansionism and militarism, the events of the early 1930s represented the culmination of over three decades of Japanese efforts at solving the Manchurian problem. It is an explanatory research.
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