Why We Observe Children

Topics: Scientific method, Observation, Philosophy of science Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: April 25, 2012
Prompt #2: Describe at least three of the reasons educators need to observe. Discuss the importance of each part of the observation cycle. Based on the challenges of observing and recording discussed in class describe two you have experienced and what you did to over come them.

Educators need to observe for several reasons. A few reasons include, health and safety, plan individual and classroom curriculums, self evaluation and asses/evaluate the children’s development. We observe the environment for hazards to ensure all equipment and materials are safe as well as properly disinfected and cleaned to prevent spreading illnesses. By observing the strengths, interests and learning style of each child helps plan effective individual goals and classroom curriculums. Educators also asses how receptive the children are to the curriculum to see what changes can be made to improve the overall effectiveness of curriculum. Another reason educators observe is to asses progress, evaluate area’s needing improvement and how they are reaching the children as well as plan better curriculums and set individual goals.

The four parts of the observation cycle are connected and equally important. The first step in the cycle is to observe, or to look and watch at what is happening around you. Second, record and document is where you write down what you see and hear the children or specific child doing. Most observations will have a first and a final draft to make sure only descriptive information is included. Next is where the educator analyzes the information recorded and documented to see what the observations are telling you about the child and environment and compare past observations and other children to asses progress. Last is to modify and make changes based on observations for improvement and apply those changes to see if they are effective. The observation cycle is continues and each part is not effective without the others.

I have encountered a few...
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