Topics: Idea, Conclusion, Reasoning Pages: 3 (451 words) Published: February 25, 2014
Major parts of essay:
-Clarify what the essay will specifically deal with.
-Background information and setting context.
-Contains key sentences.

-Major idea developed with supporting ideas in the form of explanation, definitions and illustrated with examples.

-Back to purpose of essay.
-Draws all the points together before making a final comment -Result of discussion or argument.

Evaluation parameters:
-Relevant and adequate facts
-Relevant explanations, reasons and viewpoints

2.Ideas and their development
-Effective use of information
-Coherence in reasoning ,explanation and presentation of example

-Present viewpoints in a considered manner no opinionated.
-Pros and cons
-All significant aspects of the issue

4.Structure and Organization
-Logical flow
-Paragraph structure
-Paragraph flow

5.Control over language
-Appropriate choice of words
-Variety in expression
-Correct spelling
-Correct and concise sentence structure.
-Appropriate punctuations.
Steps for Idea Generation and Idea Development
1.C – Collect Ideas
Key Word Approach (KWA)
-Look at each word of the topic.
-See what it means.
-Analyze each keyword and come up with points.
-Frame of reference should be clear.
Viewpoint of Affected Parties (VAP)
-Consider all the people or parties who are likely to be affected. -Look at what is likely to happen to each of these parties, how they will benefit or lose. -Look at the positive and negative fall-out of a certain course of action •Socio-cultural, Political, Economic, Legal and Technological (SPELT) -Socio-cultural: Our culture and traditions, family setup, values and related issues -Political: Political will to implement an action, political expediencies -Economic: Related to economics and its effect.

-Legal: Legal aspects of the issue.
-Technological: technological angle

2.O – Organize them
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