Using Children in Advertising

Topics: Advertising, Consumerism, Fast food advertising Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: November 2, 2012
rtisingAdvertisement and Children: An Ethical Concern
Advertising, this very term once used to express as a tool to inform customers about a particular brand or a product. But, now-a-days, it is argued to be one of the most powerful, convincing, manipulative and persuasive vehicles of the companies to provoke customers toward materialism and consumption (Treise, et al. 1994). This influence sometimes crosses the limit by jumping over the fence of ethical responsibility of a company toward consumers. Even a more serious concern is that, they tend to target their advertising toward more vulnerable groups such as children, minorities and the disadvantaged (Treise, et al. 1994). While these firms are creating a rich and growing revenue structure, children and their family are facing growing difficulty in life; both physically and psychologically. Children are becoming the sector of investment in advertising field day by day. According to Shrubsole, G. ,( 2012); “Marketing to children is an increasingly lucrative industry – in the US, companies are estimated to spend $17bn a year targeting kids – and the means used to ensnare them in the consumerist net are increasingly pervasive.” But problem is the after effects brought by these promotional activities. According to Treise, et al. (1994) the argument arises when advertising promotes junk food or sweets, that are harmful to health; manipulates and disappoints children with exaggerated claims; creates conflict and thus psychological differences with parents; and has the potential to persuade children to try out alcohol, drugs or tobacco or premature sexualisation. For example, a study by the Yale University researchers found out that; during a trial period, children who were exposed to food advertising ate 45% more junk food than children who weren’t (Shrubsole,G., 2012). But the question is “Does the solution lies on the banning of advertisement for children?” Answer to this question might be found in the actions of...

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