Theology 202, Study Guide, Week 5

Topics: Christian terms, Eucharist, Christianity Pages: 5 (966 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Quiz 5 Study Guide
Towns: pp. 660–708
What is the major characteristic of the Episcopal form of church government? Places a high degree of authority in the leaders. It implies the rule of one position over a church or many churches.

Why should this form of church government be rejected?
The structure of oversight is not found in the New Testament.

What is the major characteristic of the Representative form of church government? Is based on the rule of the church by presbyters or elders

Why should this form of church government be rejected?
It does not allow for the simple, divinely given system of independent, self-governing churches reflected in the Bible, where the authority of a local congregation is centered in the people.

By what principle is the Congregational form of church government based? That ultimate authority in all matters of faith and practice resides in the congregation of each local church.

Understand that as a solution, the New Testament seems to reflect aspects of all three of the above stated forms of church government. In what ways is this so? 1. Churches seem to have one leader or spokesman.

2. There seems to be a council or group of men who represented the wisdom and the desires of the congregation 3. The congregation seemed to be the final seat of authority which determined who could be received into fellowship and who would determine their leaders. and those who would be examined an/or rejected.

Know the reasons listed in the textbook why the church can be described as independent and indigenous. 1. Self-directing
2. Self-governing
3. Self-supporting.

Know the reasons listed in the textbook why local churches should be in fellowship and cooperation with one another. 1. Any cooperative effort must always be subservient to the efforts of local churches. 2. Churches should work together for growth in God's work

3. Churches should recognize and support one another so that they reflect the unity for which Christ prayed and Paul commanded. 4. Churches can cooperate for the recognition of their leaders. 5. Churches should cooperate in times of trial and persecution. 6. Churches should cooperate to increase in the vision of all Christians. 7. Churches should fellowship for the sake of identification

Is the word or the concept of a denomination found in the New Testament? No

In regards to organizational authority in the local church, can it be said that democratic vote is always the best means to decision-making? No

What are the four conditions stated to receive a person into church membership? Belief, baptism, doctrine, morals.

What should be the doctrinal knowledge of a candidate for church membership? The basic doctrines of Christianity.

To what does water baptism identify the believer?
With the local body.

Why is this important in reference to church membership?
It precedes church membership

What is the measuring line for determining if a particular sin should exclude a prospective member from being accepted into church membership? Any who are living in open immorality.

Does the Bible exclusively teach a plurality of elders?

Are there biblical examples where the terms “elder” and “bishop” are used interchangeably? Yes

Note that the descriptive title of “shepherd” denotes the pastor’s role in leading the church, feeding the church, and tending the church. According to Strong, what is “ordination” as applied to pastors? The setting apart of a person divinely called to a work of special ministration in the church.

What is the basic definition of “deacon” as the term is found in the New Testament? Servant

Be familiar with the duties of a deacon as listed in the textbook. Routine labors i.e. Seeing that the poor and widows had materiel needs met. Make smooth relationships between groups in the church and between pastors and people Counsel the pastors.

Be familiar with the qualifications of bishops and deacons as listed in the...
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