Theo 201 Quiz 6 and 7 notes

Topics: God, Angel, Omniscience Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: November 3, 2014
Towns Chapter VI What does angel mean Messenger Are angels omnipotent no Are angels omniscient no What does Lucifer mean Bearer of light What does Gabriel mean Man of God What does Michael mean Who is like the lord What is an archangel An angel of high rank What are cherubim, and what do they do They are diligent to the service of god. They guard the holiness of God What are seraphim, and what do they do They are nearest to the throne sacrifice and cleansing. What does the word seraphim mean Burners What types of work do angels do angelic transportation at death, angelic revelation, angelic protection, angelic emancipation, angelic influence, angelic provision, angelic encouragement, angelic administration, angelic appearances Towns Chapter VII Is Satan omnipotent no Is Satan omnipresent no Is Satan omniscient no Did God create angels with a free will yes Who makes up Satans kingdom The anglels who fell during his rebellion and the hearts of unregenerate men What makes up Satans threefold work opposition to the will and work of GOD imitation of the work of god destruction of all that is good True or False Satan was originally created as a good angel. True Satan is a person rather than a force. True Satans desire is to be like God. True Quiz 6 Study Guide Towns Chapter IV What are the 5 results of the resurrection Y, i-qN3 (f4Av2l_j-OQ ev)Ur-@V4EjzNp PL52 1w/AXE6NGUOsVBLy_xPiBIO1k9IcLHYv7aEh,8q4WqnogA8f2)QHxK Zz)MSm@7wP3EBU1OC5V8UU37a NDoutWa4(F qp69MDO,ooVMM_U7eoN6

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