The Impact of Communications Technology on Business

Topics: Broadband Internet access, Internet, Dial-up Internet access Pages: 2 (391 words) Published: June 25, 2013
Clients and servers are a model used on computer networks. Each computer on a network is allocated a role as a client or a server. A server is a computer that shares its resources across a network e.g. printers and applications such as word-processors and databases A client is a computer or computer program that initiates contact with a server in order to make use of a resource NOW FIND A DIAGRAM AND INCLUDE IT

Dial-up connection
A dial-up connection allows users to connect to the internet via their telephone line using a standard 56k modem. The computer literally dials a telephone number provided by the Internet Service Provider and connects to the server's modem and therefore the internet. Dial-up has a transfer rate of 56 Kilobits of data per second under ideal conditions. Advantages and disadvantages of Dial up Connection

* Cheap (possibly even free in some areas)
* Requires no new infrastructure (uses POTS telephone line) * Usually does not require the purchase of additional hardware / equipment Disadvantages
* Slower than other forms of internet connectivity
* Occupies the usage of the phone line
* Possible long-distance charges if no ISP is in your area. Broadband Connection (or High-Speed Internet)
Fast: Broadband operates from 10 to 20 times faster than a dial-up connection, enabling the speedy transfer of large amounts of data. For instance, downloading a song takes a few seconds versus perhaps ten minutes with dial-up; e-mailing digital photos is almost instantaneous. Cost: Broadband subscribers usually pay a flat monthly fee, avoiding hourly usage charges; it should cost less for broadband than for a dial-up account. Convenience: With broadband you have instant Internet access, 24/7, so you don't have to connect each time you want to go online--you're always connected. This makes it easy to access information when you need it, check your e-mail, and even make phone calls over the Internet. Also, multiple computers can share...
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