Patriot by Nissim Ezekiel

Topics: Mobile phone, Telephone, Telecommunication Pages: 3 (867 words) Published: June 12, 2013
Advantages of communicating
By telephone:
•often easier to reach someone by phone than by trying to arrange to see them in person; more convenient for patients. •more likely to succeed in contacting someone – especially if a time / date has been agreed (few people are able to ignore the telephone and leave it ringing) •telephone conversations are, on average, shorter than face-to-face conversations as it’s easier to control the conversation and take the initiative. Disadvantages of communicating

By telephone:
it’s more difficult to establish a rapport on the telephone, as you don’t have all the visual signals that help you to get on the “same wavelength” as the other person •when phoning someone it’s possible to intrude at an inconvenient time and not realize it •it’s easy to assume that you have the other person’s undivided attention •you are more likely to get distracted and let your attention wander •it is more difficult to avoid misunderstandings – you cannot use visual behavior to get feedback on whether your message has been understood or if there are things left unsaid •some things are impossible to check over the telephone such as inhaler techniques •you are more likely to believe you can do other things at the same time as using the telephone Advantages of Telecommunication

There are a great many advantages of telecommunication that caused it to spread across almost every field of daily life. Telecommunications have improved people's ability to stay in touch with friends and family. Grandparents can receive pictures, emails, and videos of their grandchildren over the Internet. Families spread across continents can communicate inexpensively via email or with phone cards. Telecommunications has changed the landscape of entertainment. People can access hundreds of television stations with the push of a button, getting instant access to enjoyable information. The information contained in MP3 files can be transmitted in seconds over the...
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