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Group 3 Company Limited (GRP3) which provides System Development and Information Technology Consultation services in Arusha Municipality invited eligible firms and individuals to bid for Supply of Electronic Document and Record Management System services for the financial year 2013/14. The good and service constituted is here below:

▪ Tender No. IE-009/2012-2013/HQ/G/59 Supply of Electronic Document and Records Management System.

3 Invitation of bidders

Group 3 Company Limited (GRP3) invited bids from eligible and interested bidders for supply of Electronic Document and Record Management system on one bid as shown above, where by bidder were invited to bid .The bid was advertised in Guardian News paper issue No. 26019001 local newspapers of May 16th 2013 (Annex 1).

A Bid document was sold to prospective bidder at a cost of US$ 200 Tshs. 300,000/=. The closing date for submission of bids was Monday 10th of June 2013 at 5:00 pm.

1.2 Opening of a bid

The submitted bid was opened at Institute of Accountancy Arusha, Library building room no 26 by the Group 3 Company Limited Tender Board on Monday of June 10th, 2013 at 5:00 pm under the presence of bidders’ representatives from Group 6 Company Limited. (Annex 2, minutes of opening). A Bidder who applied for this Tender is described in table 1 below:- |Bid No. |Name of the firm |Address |Town/ City | |IE-009/2012-2013/HQ/G/59 |Group 6 Company Limited |Box 8212 |Arusha. | | | | | | |Supply of Electronic Document and | | | | |Records Management System | | | |

Table 1: List of a submitted bid and their respective lot


2.1 Evaluation Committee

The Chief Executive Officer of Group 3 Company Limited , after consultation with Head of Procurement Management Unit, made an appointment of evaluation committee which comprised of the following:- 1. Mr. Emmanuel MonyoChairman

2. Ms. Happiness MkumboSecretary
3. Ms. Joyce Baravuga Member
4. Mr Victor NestoryMember

The committee members were made aware of section 37(6) of Public Procurement Act No. 21 of 2004 and each signed personal covenants form of not having pecuniary interest of any of the firms (Annex 3).

2.2 Criteria for Evaluation Process

Tender evaluation was conducted in three graduated stages as follows: preliminary examination; detailed examination and post-qualification examination.

2.2.1 Stage I Preliminary Examination

A Bidder was examined for compliance with the requirements of the ITB. A bidder was required to submit (a) Form of bid, (b) Power of attorney, (c) enclose a bid security/ security declaration (d) submit documents showing the eligibility of the firm (e) Certificate of Incorporation, Registration and Business License (f) a completed bid soft and hard copy enclosed in an envelope to be delivered by address Group 3 Company Limited P.O. Box 55 Arusha.

For Non Consultancy services, in order for the bid to be complete the following requirements were considered i) Audited financial reports of the past 3 years
ii) Previous undertaking contract performance for the past three years iii) All items in the schedule of requirements must be listed and priced iv) Price/Cost deviation from proposed budget
v) Minimum Annual Volume services of Tshs 100 millions in any of three years vi) Certified...
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