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CORP3501 Strategic Management
CORP3501 Strategic Management
Module Team

Module Team


Welcome to the Strategic Management module!

The intention of this module guide is to provide you with the detailed plan of the syllabus of this module, the schedule of works to be undertaken and support tools available to enable you to work to the best of your abilities and fulfill your potential on this module. You will be expected to work independently and also with your colleagues, undertaking a range of activities that will develop and test your understanding of strategic concepts. In order to do well, it will be necessary to manage your time effectively and work efficiently. Whilst the individual case study assignment is not due for submission until January, the brief is contained within this module guide and early preparation; collecting, reading and compiling materials will provide you with the best possible start. Try not to lean too heavily upon search engines such as Google and Yahoo!, nor websites such as Wikipedia for your materials. Whilst the internet can seemingly provide a ‘treasure trove’ of resources, all that glistens is not necessarily gold! Instead, focus initially upon the library website which will furnish you with a multitude of electronic resources (some of the key ones are described within this guide) that will help to ensure that you have the best possible materials from which to formulate your own works. Always remember to make your lecturer aware if there are problems, after all, we’re also here to help and not just mark your achievements! I hope you will find this a stimulating, challenging and most importantly, a rewarding module to study. Have fun, work hard & good luck to you!


Module aims and objectives.IV
Module learning outcomesIV
Module deliveryV
Case-based Lecture/SeminarV
Student support: surgeries and online supportV
Learning and teaching strategiesV
Learning strategiesV
Teaching strategiesV
Online learningVI
Study MaterialsVI
Core TextVI
Additional TextsVI
Key JournalsVI
Key Databases:VII
Video Sources.IX
Social Media Sources.XI
A Comment on WikipediaXII
Assessment ScheduleXV
Lecture ScheduleXVIII

Module aims and objectives.

This module aims primarily to ensure that you understand the nature and meaning of corporate strategy and are able to assess the strategic position of corporations operating in complex global markets.

In the early stages, the module draws upon concepts and tools necessary for critical strategic analysis. It then focuses on specific strategic issues and challenges that affect contemporary business operations, including, for example; mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, and knowledge management. A strong focus will be placed on the management of change, organisational learning and strategy implementation.

Overall, this module focuses strongly on experiential and formative learning. You are given the opportunity to reflect upon your experiences throughout this module to foster your critical appreciation of the discipline and evaluate its evolution within your own understanding of the topic. Your critical appreciation of strategic management will be questioned throughout the lecturing programme but also within assessed components, including the examination.

Module learning outcomes

* Understanding and critical appraisal of strategy concepts: you will be able to demonstrate understanding and competent use of strategic management concepts * Strategic analysis: you will be able to selectively use analytical concepts and develop a well-founded strategic analysis of a company case. * Analysis of theory: You will be able to synthesise strategic analysis and critical thinking and present your findings in a logical and coherent manner. * Critical thinking and understanding of...
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