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Organisation of Treaty Beer Company2
Beer industry2
Environmental Scan2
Internal environment2
External environments5
Natural environment5
PEST factors6
Five Forces Analysis9
The purpose of this article is to help Treaty Beer Company making a strategic analysis that is about the enterprise internal and external environment analysis. This analysis will out look the future environment, which is the basis for the development of the strategy that makes business development, climate change and company capability achieve dynamic balance.

Organisation of Treaty Beer Company
The organisation structure of Treaty Beer Company shows bad corporate governance. From the top of the owner to the lowest employees, they are in either family or friend relationships. John Murphy doesn't take the role in company seriously. However, human resource is the most valuable factor for company’s strategic development (Frempong, E.O., Ahenkora, K. & Asamoah, A., 2013). Also, he manipulated the financial data of company and took an excessive salary last year. Then it leaded to a poor net income of Treaty Beer Company.

Beer industry
According to Market Line (2013), the Irish beer market has declined from 2008 with an average annual growth rate of -2.1%. The total value of the market was €2672.4 million until 2012. There is a forecast that the market will continue to shrink with an average annual rate of -2%. 2017 will see a market value for around €2410.6 million. Environmental Scan

Internal environment
Treaty Beer Company has a high quality product and quick delivery reputation since their products are made from natural ingredients and won a number of international quality awards for beer in the 1990s. Also John Murphy is regarded as a top class brewer widely.

The ingredients which made for their products are only coming from local...

Bibliography: Beer industry
According to Market Line (2013), the Irish beer market has declined from 2008 with an average annual growth rate of -2.1%
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