Trends and Issues in Beer Industry

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1) Question 1: Are demographic changes included in main trends of the beer industry? Answer 1: True

2) Question 2 : Do retailers have impact in the beer industry? Answer 2:.True

3) Question 3: Does Retail industry have a deep understanding of consumer behaviour? Answer 3:True

4) Question 4: Are consumers from emerging markets for alcoholic drinks in the 15 to 34 age group? Answer 4: False

5) Question 5: Do retailers demand long-term delivery?
Answer 5: False.

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Everybody knows that competition in the brewery industry is always high, especially between private labels, which have a big impact on the environment. So they need a balance between strong presence on developed markets with high profit as well as developing markets with huge perspective and volume growth in the future.

As every field, beer industry has its own trends and issues. Let’s start from trends. 1.Impact of retail industry
Retail industry has a deep understanding of consumer behaviour due to their everyday close relations. It is a big advantage for manufacturers, who provide maximum sales volume, in terms of price settings. In the same time, retailers demand shorter delivery-terms and better service.

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