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GM- free campaign (gene ethics)
Australian GM crop production is increasing continuously. Australian has had the largest proportion GM crops in the world. Risks posed by GM trials on Australian’s health, economy and environment are rapidly spreading. In order to gain commercial benefits, the research development of Genetically Modified (GM) food in Australia is conducted by biotech corporations. Consumers, farmers, the environment and the economy are all affected by GM food. Target audience

The target audience of this campaign might be younger people, positive people, passive people with low income belonging to a lower class and people who may be ignorant about GM food. So, Gene ethics is targeting them then running a campaign to inform and educate them about the dangers of GM food. Objectives

Gene ethics know about the dangers of GM food, and being that they are working hard to ban GM food. Gene ethics aims to create a more sustainable, more balanced and safer GM-free nation. So they are working to change Australian food and the Agriculture policy, and are one of the leading members of Australian food safety for GM-free foods. In addition, GM industry has attempted to interfere with labelling laws. Australians are unaware of what products contain GM produce due to the lack of labelling, and so continue to knowingly purchase and consume GM food. To prevent this, Gene Ethics has labelled GM products as unsafe for consumers. They are pushing for rural research and development, protection of biodiversity, patents and GM-free policy on labelling. Moreover, they are supporting and promoting the market for GM-free foods. Through this, Gene ethics is trying to change the target audience’s behaviour towards GM food. They want the target audience to not purchase or consume GM food as it may be dangerous.

Strategy 4p’s
* Product
The core product is the major benefit that the target audience will receive. Gene Ethics will provide the audience with a healthier diet and improved lifestyle when they perform the desired behaviour, the actual product. The campaign aims to inform the audience about GM food, that they will not purchase or consume GM food, and will live a GM-free lifestyle. This will be supported by augmented products, such as the promotion of organic food, with the aid of coupons and free samples. Services such as GM Food awareness presentations at schools will also be available. * Price

The price the target audience pays to support the campaign will include all monetary and nonmonetary incentives and disincentives. Coupons used to purchase organic food are monetary incentives and the target audience will also gain nonmonetary incentives such as knowledge and a healthier diet. The target audience will also have monetary disincentives as they need to spend more money to purchase organic food. It is also less convenient to purchase organic food, this is a nonmonetary disincentive. * Place

The places this campaign will target, will involve where and when they plan to influence the target audience, where and when they can gain augmented products and distribution channels that support the campaign. Gene-ethics focus more specifically on the target audience to change their behaviour when they are purchasing or consuming food products, as they wish to influence these choices. The target audience can also attain augmented products such as coupons and public speakers from the website and at local grocers that support the campaign. * Promotion

The promotion of a campaign consists of many elements. The message that is to be promoted, the messengers to deliver it, communication channels and the creative strategies the campaign will use. The key messages of Gene Ethics are to not purchase or consume GM food and to support GM free lifestyles. The messengers that will spread this message are composed of campaign members, leaders and spokespeople. They will use communication channels such as the media...
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