Topics: Marriage, Husband, Wife Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Jeminee Simon
American History

1. Does Betheny’s marriage feel like a real marriage? What challenges did she and Jerry face in attempting to live like a married couple?
Betheny’s marriage wouldn’t feel like a real marriage until someone comes along and marries them. Betheny and Jerry finally got the official marriage that Betheny longed for by being asked a series of questions that they both answered satisfactory and was announced husband and wife. The challenges that Jerry and Betheny faced was that they were owned by different masters and at any second they can be seperated. Jerry’s master Mannyfield had lost possession of all his property. Betheny had to go down to jail to talk to her husband after he been taken to jail and held in their possession. Jerry was finally sold to another master named White. White offered Jerry to bring Betheny along so they won’t be seperated but Bethany had to make the decision that she won’t go with Jerry because she felt that down the line they will be seperated by the highest paying owner and she rather stay in a place she was comfortable in than go to another place seperated with the man she loves with people she doesn’t know.

2. What is happening to Jerry and why?
Jerry was being sold to a slave trader named White because his master lost possession of all his property because he owed a debt. To pay off the debt Jerry’s master Mannyfield had to sell Jerry to Frank White and sell all of his property. Jerry isn’t happy with this decision because he would have to leave the women he fell in love with. Jerry decides to run away but realizes there isn’t really no positive outcome in running away. He returns back to his wives masters house where he is seen by David McCoy who commands him to come with him to return him to his slave trader. Jerry has to leave a place that he grew accustom to, to start all over again and be parted with the woman he loves.

3. What does this quote...
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