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Think about your own life, your local community and our country. What stands out the most? Special events that bring people together probably stand out as being amongst the most memorable. Events can bring a community together for purposes of fundraising, change a town or city’s Image, expand its trade, stimulate its economy and help companies to market and introduce products. Events have the unique ability to unite people through shared goals and experiences. Remember America’s Cup fever and the joy of the nation at our win?

Not only do events enhance the quality of our life, they can provide significant economic benefits. These can be through ‘trickle down’ effects such as money spent by visitors from outside the area. Events can also provide revenue for special projects. Regardless of size, all events have other things in common – they require a high degree of planning, a range of skills and a lot of energy. This booklet is designed to help all event planners, administrators and volunteers - no matter what the size or scope of the event - to plan and execute events to the highest level. We recommend that you read this booklet in conjunction with two others in the series - Running Sport 5 - Funding and Sponsorship Development and Running Sport 4 - Marketing and Public Relations. Remember - organization and co-operation are keys to any successful event.


The main purpose of the study is to find Market Potential for Event Management companies with special reference Hubli-Dharwad.

The purpose of the study is to know the major players in Event Management Industry.

To find out the awareness of the respondents residing in twin cities i.e. Hubli-Dharwad.


“Market Potential for Event Management Companies over Self-Managed Events.


1.3 Importance of Study

The importance of study is to improve the research objectives by continuously monitoring the market structure to collect the information regarding the EMCs.

1.4 Research Objectives:

← To identify the market potential for EMC’s in Hubli Dharwad.

← To know the spending's of the people during the events

• To identify interest of the people towards the EMC’s

← To identify their brand awareness.

1.5 Assumption

The data collected from Respondents, that is, their attributes, perceptions, knowledge, feelings; whatever they have expressed is assumed to be perfect to their knowledge.

It is assumed that the sample of 100 selected on simple random sampling. Their attitude, perception, feeling awareness, represents the whole users of north Karnataka and such primary data collected from questionnaires is assumed to be complete.

1.6 Limitations

This project is not an exception to this rule.

Following are the limitations of the project:

i. The study is made on the responses to the questionnaire framed.

ii. Although utmost care was taken by the researcher to extract data, at times the same may have limitations owing to time constraints of the respondents.

iii. Some respondents did not see the project important so they gave exaggerated information that had to be readjusted for our specific queries.

iv. By this research a wide cross section of industry segment has been covered.

Organizational buying principles remain independent of locations. However researcher does not claim that the results may be applicable to other parts of the country.

1.7 Industry Profile: Event Management Industry
Event management is the application of project management to the creation and development of festivals, events and conferences. Event management involves studying the intricacies of the brand, identifying the target audience, devising the event concept, planning the logistics and coordinating the technical aspects before actually executing the...
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