Significance of Information Management

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Infromation Management

Information management (IM) is the gathering and management of information from one or several sources then distributing of that information to one or more audiences. It occasionally includes those who have a stake in, or has the right to that information. Management means that the organizing and control over the planning, structure and organisation, controlling, processing, evaluating and reporting of information activities. For this to take place the client objectives need to be met and to allow corporate functions in the delivery of information.

1.1 Information Professionals
Information professional are individual who conserves, organizes, and circulates information. Information professionals are skilled in the organization and recover recorded knowledge. Frequently their work has been on printed documents, but this has moved to electronic, visual, audio, and digital materials. Information professionals work in diverse public, private, non-profit, and academic institutions. Information Professions are very diverse, namely;

Information technology (IT) manager: Individuals who is associated with specific technological concerns, such as computer programs. The central aim of IT manager is to make value through the use of technology such as the use of the internet, intranet and databases. They also need to be acquainted with computer hardware, software, data, networks, programming skills and data centre facilities. Records Manager: The Records Manager for an organization is the person responsible for the management of records in the organisation. This position has become vastly professional in the recent years. (AIS301K Only study guide 2007:12)

1.2 Internal and external factors that influence the provision of Information in an Organisation. Internal Factors
Changes in the external environment influences how things are done in the internal environment which includes the processes, procedures and how information can be acquired, retrieved and managed. When the internal environments change, the responses to influences of the external environment and the information environment will also change. So therefore there will always be a continuous change in the information environment. This can be achieved by the culture of the organisation and the resources provided to the information divisions, services and management. The information manager’s achievement depends on the effectiveness and the efficiency of identifying the changing needs and the adaption of the resources and services that meets their needs. External Factors

External environment are inspiring many organisation to develop an “information culture”. All the employees in these organisations from the highest to the lowest roles know of the informations value and the impact it has on organisations success and the quality of the work they produce. There is always a general readiness to share information and minimal political and competitive bustle amongst employees. Sufficient resources are provided to obtain the management of information thus developing and applying formal information policies and information management strategies. Information managers need to identify the decision makers, the kind of information resources that are needed and how the resources support the decision making process therefore good quality information is required. Political, economic, cultural, social technological influences and combined with technological systems within the organisation determine the available resources and services. (AIS301K Only study guide 2007:6-7)

1.3 Life cycle of a record is created, record is used and then disposed. Records are used as long as it still contains value to an organisation. Managing of records is important thus making it easier to obtain and dispose. The 3 phases in a life cycle record is namely the Current phase, Semi-current phase and the Non-current phase. Current phase is where records are created...
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