settlement of the west

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Sioux, Sitting Bull Pages: 6 (1549 words) Published: March 31, 2014

Frederick Jackson Turner's Frontier Thesis
: western settlement had had an extraordinary impact on U.S. social, political, and economic development

"Buffalo" Bill Cody
: a successful show that popularized Wild West shows, it consisted of a former Pony Express rider and Indian fighter, and the hero of popular dime novels for children. This show romanticized the West and the life of the cowboy. :"Buffalo Bill;" Killed over 4000 buffalo in 18 months while employed by the Kansas Pacific.

The Great Plains
: Runs from Northern Texas all the way up to Canada. The plains was a strip of flat land with poor dry earth. There were not a lot of rain or trees. : a vast prairie region extending from Alberta and Saskatchewan and Manitoba in Canada south through the west central United States into Texas.

Cheif Joseph
: Leader of Nez Perce. Fled with his tribe to Canada instead of reservations. However, US troops came and fought and brought them back down to reservations

: Geronimo, the leader of the Apaches in Arizona and New Mexico, fought against the white man, who was trying to force the Apaches off of their land. Geronimo had an enormous hatred for the whites. He was, however, eventually pushed into Mexico where he surrendered

: He was chief of the Nez Perce Indians of Idaho. People wanting gold trespassed on their beaver river. To avoid war, and save his people Chief Joseph tried retreating to Canada with his people. They were cornered 30 miles from safety and he surrendered in 1877.

Sitting Bull
: One of the leaders of the Sioux tribe. He was a medicine man " as wily as he was influential." He became a prominent Indian leader during the Sioux Was from 1876-1877.( The war was touched off when a group of miners rushed into the Black Hills of South Dakota in 1875.) The well-armed warriors at first proved to be a superior force. During Custer's Last Stand in 1876, Sitting Bull was " making medicine" while another Indian, Crazy Horse, led the Sioux. When more whites arrived at the Battle of Little Big Horn, Sitting Bull and the other Sioux we forced into Canada.

The Ghost Dance
: A cult that tried to call the spirits of past warriors to inspire the young braves to fight. It was crushed at the Battle of Wounded Knee after spreading to the Dakota Sioux. The Ghost Dance led to the Dawes Severalty Act of 1887. This act tried to reform Indian tribes and turn them into "white" citizens. It did little good.

: He was a new prophet, who promised to restore the Sioux to their original dominance on the Plains if they performed the Ghost Dance. He proclaimed a messiah would give them their land back if they did the dance Why? Dance offered hope to the Natives, but whites were terrified by the dance so they attacked in the Battle of Wounded Knee

The Red River War
: The Kiowa and Comanche rampaged through Texas, looting, and killing. the U.S. army crushed them in the Red River War of 1874-1875 that ended warfare in the Southwest.

The Battle of Little Big Horn
: Sioux leader Sitting Bull led the fight against General George Custer. The Sioux wanted miners out of the black hills, and had appealed to government officials in Washington to stop the miners. Washington didn't listen. Sitting Bull and his warriors killed all of Custer's men. Last win from native americans.

The Masscre at Wounded Knee
: a massacre in 1890 that started when Sioux left the reservation in protest because of the death of Sitting Bull. The US army killed 150 sioux at wounded knee; last major incident in the great plains

Slaughter of the buffalo
: The buffalo, once in mass abundance, came to a sharp decline when white settlers brought firearms to the plains.

The Dawes Severalty Act
: 1887, dismantled American Indian tribes, set up individuals as family heads with 160 acres, tried to make rugged individualists out of the Indians, attempt to assimilate the Indian...
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