Serbia in WW1

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Serbia in WW1

The Balkans Crisis 1908
Austria-Hungary was worried about Serbia’s aim- to unite other Balkan states under one rule- Greater Serbia. Races that live in Austria-Hungary may revolt in order to join greater Serbia. Events:
Austria-Hungary annexed Bosnia
The annexation of Bosnia annoyed Serbia who appealed to Russia to help Russia called for an international conference
Austria-Hungary backed by Germany refused
Russia, too weak to fight was forced to back down
Austria-Hungary and Germany grew closer
Italy did not want Austria-Hungary expanding into the Balkans, weakened triple alliance Russia humiliated- unlikely to back down again
Serbia and Russia grew closer
Britain, Russia and France united in hatred for Germany

Rivalry between Austria-Hungary and Serbia
This played a part in the outbreak of war
Austria-Hungary- Felt increasingly threatened by Serbian nationalism. Concerned that population of Serbs within Austria-Hungary would revolt in order to join a greater Serbia which would lead to the breakdown of Austria-Hungary. Supported by Germany, Austria Hungary wanted to crush Serbia Serbia- Serbia wanted all Serbs to unite into an enlarged state of Greater Serbia. Serbia was supported by Russia (protector of the Serbs).

Sir Richard J Evans - Regius professor of history, University of Cambridge Serbia
Serbia bore the greatest responsibility for the outbreak of WW1. Serbian nationalism and expansionism were profoundly disruptive forces and Serbian backing for the Black Hand terrorists was extraordinarily irresponsible. Austria-Hungary bore only slightly less responsibility for its panic over-reaction to the assassination of the heir to the Habsburg throne. France encouraged Russia's aggressiveness towards Austria-Hungary and Germany encouraged Austrian intransigence. Britain failed to mediate as it had done in the previous Balkan crisis out of fear of Germany's European and global ambitions -...
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