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In our course Academic Reading and Writing it is required from us to choose an important topic and do some researches about. I and my group chose the topic self-development, and we agreed to investigate about self-esteem and insecurity. Our challenge is to encourage self-esteem in our campus. The task that I was given is to look for the reasons why people doubt their abilities and how can personal appearances affect people’s self-esteem. Methods

Internet researches
At the beginning I surfed the internet for valuable informative sources for instance articles, journal articles and websites like Yahoo and Amazon. While searching I looked into the local newspapers like The Nationals but I couldn’t find any supportive information. So, I tried to watch videos from YouTube and other websites. Survey

Then, I and my group built up a survey in order to collect realistic information from our society. This survey was sent to several girls from our campus. Results
Internet Findings
After reading through all the sources, most of the people doubt their abilities because of several reasons for example: some people are stuck in one field and they’re good at it so they don’t try other things that would give them the chance to believe that they can do more. In the other hand lots of people do care about what others say about them and their lives so that would give them the idea of insecurity and doubting their power. “Can personal appearance affect people’s self-esteem?” this question has lots of answers. I found out that appearances can be linked with personalities, affect people’s opinions and our opinions about ourselves. Survey Outcomes

The findings showed more than half of the girls generally feel secure about themselves, but the other girls answered that they are struggling with poor body image and part of their personality and they go through some kind of Depression that would lead them to eat or watch movies to distract themselves....

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