Selection and Classes of Pipes

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Water supply is the process of general requirement for supply of water from public water supply system to individual building and subsequent distribution of water to various parts of the building. The water from public water supply system to individual buildings is supplied through pipes. A large proportion of capital is invested on pipes while designing water supply distribution system. The following factors should be considered in selection of pipes.  *  Strength of pipe

*  Water carrying capacity
*  Life and durability of pipe
*  Expenditure on transportation
*  Jointing process, maintenance and repairs.
Various Types of Pipes
The pipes are available in several types and sizes. They may be classified into three groups according to the material used in their manufacturing.   *  Metallic pipes: the pipes such as CI Pipes, Steel pipes and GI Pipes. *  Cement Pipes: the pipes such as Cement Pipes, Asbestos cement (AC) pipes, cement concrete pipes.   Plastic Pipes: the pipes such as Un-plasticized PVC (UPVC ) pipes, Polythene Pipes (low denisity) Cast Iron (CI) Pipes

These pipes are mostly used in water supply. They are well suited for pressure and can withstand external load because of their thickness. The pipes are easy in manufacturing, layout and joining. These pipes are manufactured by vertical casting in sand moulds, horizontal casting in sand moulds and centrifugal casting (spun casting pipes).

CI Pipes - Strong and heavy.
CI pipes are heavy in weight. Therefore transportation is costlier and they are not suitable for inaccessible places. Due to heavy weight these are generally made in short length. This increases layout and jointing cost. CI vertical casting pipes are not of very good quality and can be replaced by centrifugal casting (spun casting) pipes. 

Steel Pipes
These pipes are extensively used for water supply. They are best suitable for long distance pipe lines...
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