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Topics: Theory, Scientific method, Answer Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: August 29, 2012
Section B (Structured questions 30 marks) 1. This section covers five structured questions which are compulsory. 2. Most of these questions test the candidate’s command of knowledge and understanding of facts, procedure of an experiment, concepts,principles, theories and laws. 3. Sometimes answers can be obtained from symbols,diagrams,tables and graphps through interpretation and graphic extrapolation. 4. You must read the instruction at the beginning carefully so that you understand the matter tested and obtain ideas to answer the questions. 5. A small part of the question generally relates to a subsequent part. Guide to answering questions in section B 1. Usually, you need to use your knowledge of scientific facts ,principles and theories to answer the questions. 2. Your answers should be brief and accurate. Section C (Essay questions, 20 marks) 1. This section contains three questions. Question 1 is compulsory and you may choose either question 2 or 3. 2. Question 1 test the candidate’s command of scientific skills in experimenting as well as the ability to make reports. 3. This question begins with a general statement, e.g. “ Acidic substances have a sour test”. The candidate is required to give a hypothesis based on the statement. Then, the candidate is required to described the experiment based on the following to test the hypothesis. a. Aim of experiment b. Identification of variables c. List of apparatus and materials d. Procedure e. Tabulation of data f. Conclusion 4. Questions 2 and 3, are usually short but the candidate is required to use his or her knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts and theories to answer. 5. In this context, the candidate has to answer the question by drawing and writing a short essay following the instruction of the question. 6. All answers must be written in the space provided below each question. Guide to answer the essay questions in section C 1. The format of question 1 is fixed and the candidate is required to...
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