Sample Midterms for Speech

Topics: International Phonetic Alphabet, Vowel, Syllable Pages: 3 (350 words) Published: January 23, 2013

I. True or False
______1. The vibrator part of speech mechanism is responsible for the production of sound waves. ______2. The vocal cords are in ‘closed position’ when voiced sounds are produced. ______3. (Word) stress is the emphasis or force given to a syllable or syllable in a word or phrase as it is pronounced ______4. Semiotics is defined as the study of signs.

______5. Noise is anything that distorts a message by interfering with the communication process. ______6. The sender is the individual, group, or organization who initiates the communication process. ______7. Language is social interaction where at least two agents share a common set of signs and a common set of semiotic rules. ______8. Without the feedback, the sender can still confirm that the receiver has interpreted the message correctly. ______9. The resonators give definite shapes and character of sounds as air passes through the mouth or nose. ______10. When articulating unvoiced consonants like /f/ or /s/, the vocal cords are closed.

II-A. The IPA vowel symbols.
______11. Bag
______12. Lend
______13. Bet
______14. Fun
______15. Cold
______16. Toot
______17. Leek
______18. Hit
______19. Male
______20. Wall

II-B. The IPA consonant symbols.
______21. Fact
______22. Phone
______23. Loss
______24. Pass
______25. Back
______26. Hill
______27. Gin
______28. Math
______29. Those
______30. Corsage

III. Underline the syllable in the words that follow which receives the strongest emphasis.

31. Doorknob
32. Window
33. Closet
34. Permit (verb)
35. Permit (noun)
36. Fourteen
37. Adversary
38. Conditioner
39. Persona
40. Elementary
41. Actor
42. Noodles
43. Departmental
44. Revise
45. Consideration
46. Event
47. Metropolitan
48. Aroma
49. Deficit
50. Carbon

IV. Essay. Choose only two letters to answer. 10 points each. You may use the back...
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