Roy Apdatation Model

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Sister Callista Roy, a nurse educator, created an Adaptation Model with the focus around patient care. Known as the “Roy’s Adaptation Model” it’s not only used in the implementation of nursing care, but as a model for nursing education. Based on four ideas, different diagnosis can be addressed with the patient being the focus all the while. While focusing on the patient, the Roy Adaptation Model is serving as the guide for nurses of today and those in the future.

The Roy Adaptation Model has been used by nurses for over thirty years as a guide to the plan of care they will initiate for a patient. From Orthopedics to the NICU, Roy’s Adaptation Model is appropriate for those of all ages, and any illness. Roy’s Adaptation Model addresses the patients physiological needs, self-concept, role function, and interdependence. The focus being on the idea that people (patients) are constantly changing and adapting; we as nurses need to keep that in prospective while caring for our patients. Focal, Contextual, and Residual stimuli all affect the patients’ outcome and reactions to situations. It also calls for the nurse to know the patients coping skills. Nurses have to Access, Plan, Implement, and evaluate each patient individually, for the care to be patient specific. Just as no to people are alike, neither will be the plan of care from one patient to the next.

Adaptation, defined as “the act or process of adapting, or fitting; or the state of being adapted or fitted; fitness”, leads to the idea that our patients can learn and adapt when it is required. For instance, when a man loses his leg in combat, that man would have to adapt to walking and the daily activities of life without use of the lost leg. If he goes on to obtain a prosthetic leg, he must then adapt to the used of that leg.

Planning and implementing the changes that cause adaptation takes focus and realization from the nurse to know how to assist the...

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