Ribbon Review

Topics: Hurricane Katrina, Government, Learning Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Colton Brunk
April 7, 2013

Megan Vandekerkhove

In the presentation given by Megan Vandekerkhove she spoke about what happens when there is a natural disaster and what private sectors and the government do for these. She had an internship at the Lenawee County Health Department Emergency Preparedness, where she learned about who, what, and when things are deployed when a natural disaster or catastrophe happens. In her presentation she pointed out that since the economy has dropped there has been lots of funding that has been count down which concerns her because if something like hurricane Katrina happens again we will not have the resources to help people in need or maybe even ourselves. Her presentation was also about how you can help yourself out even without anybody help and she gave some suggested websites to visit to help people learn what the best things are to have in stock and what to do in case of a catastrophe. Also on Megan’s presentation she talked about when cuts are being made to help all of these potential disasters there are many things that it can hurt such as; increase in outbreaks of diseases and not having the best resources to help us thrive in a poor environment. I believe that from Megan’s presentation she had a wide variety of knowledge for how to react to emergencies that we are not exactly prepared for because of how much research she had to do and her internship. I think that internships help people learn about what is actually going on because you are put into a real life situation where you are learning how things work in the respective major you have been working on for the past four or more years. Also at the end of her presentation she was question numerous amount of times where she had an answer for everything which shows she had knowledge on the information that she just presented. One of the questions she had to give her personal opinion on what she thought was a sufficient amount of food and supplies...
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