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Topics: Ethics, Morality, Virtue ethics Pages: 2 (333 words) Published: January 5, 2014
Ethical Theories Tutorial 3 & 4
Consequentialist Theories
1. How are Egoism and Utilitarianism different? (page 100)

2. Find and finish this sentence
“ Following the theory of egoism an action is morally right if the decision-maker freely decides in order to pursue .................................................................................” 3. What is the difference between egoism and selfishness?

4. How is egoism compatible with the concept of corporate social responsibility?

5. Can you give other examples of organisations having “enlightened self –interest” (page 101)

6.Which 2 philosophers/economists are associated with this theory? (page 101)

7.According to Utilitarianism when is an action morally right? (page 101)

8. “Collective welfare” and “aggregate utility” are terms used on page 102, what do they mean to you?

9. What are the three main problems with Utilitarianism (page 103) 1.

10. What is the difference between Act & Rule Utilitarianism (page 104).

Non consequentialist theories: Ethics of Duties
11. Which German Philospher is most influential in looking at our ethical duties? (Page 105)

“ For Kant morality was a question of certain eternal abstract and unchangeable principles – a set of apriori moral laws that humans should apply to all ethical problems.

12. What was his ethical framework called? (page 105)

13. Describe his three rules/maxims in your own words (page 105) 1.
14. Kant’s maxims/rules should be used as tests for every possible human action. How many of the rules would the act have to pass to be considered morally correct? (page 105)

15.What was the New York Times Test (page 106)

16. What was Kant’s view of G-d & man? (page 107)

17. What are the three main problems associated with Ethics of Duty (page 108)

Alternative perspectives on ethical theory: Virtue Ethics
18. How is virtue ethics defined? (page 118)

19. Differentiate the...
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