Research methodology assignment

Topics: Focus group, Qualitative research, Participant observation Pages: 3 (334 words) Published: March 18, 2014
Research methodology individual assignment

1. Get a large enough number (example 100 is too small)
Use quantitative design

1.2. Microsoft May probably dictate what is to be used(as a leader in the industry)

1.3. * age and ratio

1.4. 10 lecture venues isn't enough
Depends on the size of the venue
Won't be done in one day; some people may return to the same venue

Full time/part time
*rather ask people face to face; choose at random-maybe narrow down to different schools

2. Qualitative (justify answer)

2.2. Email or phone
*if it's a small group could go see them
*could use a focus group

All have different cost factors
All have pros an cons not respond

2.3. Get a focus group together
*sensitive information

Could be a rural or urban community

2.4. Roads are inaccessible; will be costly to transport good due to high costs of specialised vehicles

People may not need the milk
*dont assume what people need

3.1. Two variables being asked about (double barreled)

3.2. Leading question

3.3. Leading question (sentimental reasoning)

3.4. Leading question

3.5. Clear, unambiguous, well layed out, not double barreled, not leading

4.1. Qualitative-very small group, would like to ask them questions, maybe one person will open up and then others will do so too Interviews, focus groups

4.3. Will take time to set them up
Depends on convenience on them
May have to spend money (petrol, tea and biscuits, etc)

*timing and cost

May have someone that talks to much (lies to get attention)
May have people who believe that an individual who talks a lot (boss/dominating individual) and agrees with them *choose who you want in your focus group carefully

4.4. Qualitative (justify)

4.5. Record the interviews (will need permission)

Collect face to face
*can do telephonic interviews but won't get as indepth answers

4.6. Books
Trade journals...
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