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Topics: Research, Scientific method Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: February 24, 2014
BRM Tutorial 1
Answer following discussion questions:

1. Why should a manager know about research when the job entails managing people, products, events, environments and the like?
2. For what specific purpose is Basic Research important?
3. When is applied research, as distinct from basic research, useful? 4. Why is it important to be adept in handling the manager-researcher relationship? 5. Explain giving reasons which is more important – applied or basic research. 6. Give two specific instances where an external research team would be useful and two other scenarios where an internal research team will be deployed, with adequate explanations as to why each scenario is justified for an external or internal team. 7. Describe a situation where research will help you as a manager to make a good decision. 8. Given the situations below, (a) discuss with reasons, whether they will fall into the category of Applied or Basic research, and (b) for scenario 1 explain with reasons, who will conduct the research.

Scenario 1
Companies are very interested in acquiring other firms even when the latter operate in totally unrelated realms of business. For example, Coca-Cola has announced that it wants to buy China Huiyuan Juice Group in an effort to expand its activities in one of the world’s fastest-growing beverage markets. Such acquisitions are claimed to “work miracles.” However, given the volatility of the stock market and the slowing down of business, many companies are not sure whether such acquisitions involve too much risk. At the same time, they also wonder if they are missing out on a great business opportunity if they fail to take such risk. Some research is needed here!

Scenario 2
A university professor wanted to analyze in depth the reasons for absenteeism of employees in organizations. Fortunately, a company within 20 miles of the campus employed her as a consultant to study that very issue.

Scenario 3

A research scientist wants to investigate the...
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