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Topics: Feminism, Woman, Gender Pages: 5 (1693 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Area: Business Permit and Licensing Office
Size/Dimension of Area: 181.5 sQm.
Location: Municipal City Hall of Bacoor, Cavite City (Ground Floor)

Area Description:
As the name implies, this is a place where in Business permits and licenses are dutifully processed. It is located at the ground floor level of the Municipal Hall because it is one of the most visited – therefore, one of the busiest – offices in the building, hence, it was strategically placed on the Ground floor for easy access and organization – most of the busiest offices, within the building, are situated on the said level. It is an enclosed space, which clearly sets the boundaries of the employees from the clientele, providing both system organization and privacy. A waiting area is provided for the clientele, in front of which are the processing cubicles – that also acts as a division/partition of the waiting area from the office proper. A small room of 17.64 sQm., was allotted for the safe keeping of the papers and other important documents processed within the department. Area Design Objectives:

* The interior of the Business and licensing office, should be able to address to us humans and the simultaneous human processes and functions within the office, regardless of age, height, weight, marital status, wealth and gender – although the study would be particularly highlighting the proxemics of women within the office. * To clearly give an overview of Proxemics and Feminism and clearly define their relationships and differences within the scope of the study. To be able to clearly grasp the concept of the Feminine Proximity in a public space, specifically in the business and licensing office, by clearly identifying and explaining the role of women (if there are roles uniquely for women) in the interior. * To attain maximum comfort by strictly observing the standard measurements and distances for an office, including clearances of the working tables from each other, ample amount of seating for the clientele and employee, and the proper dimensions of the (5) processing cubicles. * To clearly set spatial boundaries and define proximities by means of partitions, that would clearly divide the space. * The interior should promote healthy work attitude and acknowledge communication thus attaining accuracy and efficiency, by means of the strategic space & proximity planning, proper ventilation, ambient lighting and aesthetics. Area Design Considerations:

* Feminism and Proxemics Theory.
* Spatial boundaries and proximities of the employees from the clientele. * Role of Women in the office interior.
* Promotion or work attitude and acknowledgement of communication. * Promotion of accuracy and efficiency thru the interiors. * Standard measurements of the furniture and fixture used in the office. * Traffic Flow

Possible solutions based on data and related literature:
The Municipal Hall or Town Hall is the chief administrative building in the city. It represents the character of the place and its people, for it holds a historical significance and essence of the lives people had. The primary reasons of the Municipal Hall are the promotion and enhancement of the quality of human life. They are one of the largest and most complex structures ever built solely for human beings and to answer human needs.

Existing within the Town Hall are different offices with different purposes – Office of the Mayor, Accounting Office, Office of the Congresswoman/man, Business Permits and licensing Office, etc. The different offices have different considerations and requirements, therefore they have different solutions, but in a collective manner, every Office must be strategically and thoroughly planned so that its space is broken down into separate units which would still function as a collective whole. Planning the space would make it flexible, so that the size and grouping of these units can be changed rapidly to meet varying...
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