Regional Stratigraphic Sequence

Topics: Sediment, Stratigraphy, Geology Pages: 2 (302 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Anthropology 2Fall SemesterAssignment #2
Faunal Group B
Undefined faunal groupLacustrine Deposits
Sands and silts (Fossil #1*)____________________Reversed _________________ReversedFaunal Group B
Lacustrine muds2.95xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNormal
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNormalRiverine Gravels
Sterile gravels______________________Reversed
Savanna-woodland biota
SITE #23.21 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxReversed
Lacustrine Marsh Deposits (Fossil #2 *)Lake Bed Deposits/ Silts _________________Reversed______________________Normal
Sands/ undefined faunal GrpAeolian sands (wind deposits) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNormal3.68xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNormal Gravels and siltsGrassland biota
Collapsed limestone roof
Bone breccia (Fossil #3*)
Wind blown sands and water bourn muds Normal

Directions for the 2nd writing assignment for Anthropology 2

Three individual stratigraphic units are drawn on the left side of the diagram. Each unit is found in isolation from the other units. On the right hand side of the diagram is drawn a larger stratigraphic sequence that contains volcanic members that have been dated by the potassium-argon method. The ages in millions of years are indicated for each such unit in the sequence on the left side of the diagram. On the right side for all of the stratigraphic units the paleomagnetic data is indicated with an “N” for normal polarity and “R” for reversed polarity. In each of the three left hand sites a fossil hominid has been discovered among the sediments and is indicated by a (*). From your knowledge of dating fossil sites, and from information found in the back of the book in the appendix on dating techniques, match the three sites on the left...
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