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2002 Geology 211, Physical Geology Geology 211, Physical Geology ©Copyright, 2002, Ron Parker ©Copyright, 2002, Ron Parker ! Occurring today ! That occurred in the past Geology 211, Physical Geology, ©, 2002, Ron Parker Types of Sedimentary Rock + Sediment originates from mechanical and/or chemical weathering. + Two major divisions of sedimentary rock. ! Detrital – Made of particles. ! Chemical – Made from dissolved ions that crystallize into solids. Geology 211, Physical Geology, ©, 2002...

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Physical Geology

Physical Geology: Term Paper The break that now separates the Ouachita Mountains from the Appalachians, a feature known as the Mississippi Embayment, constitutes one of the largest and least understood landforms of the central U.S. In the article, “The Mississippi’s Curious Origins” the authors, Roy B. Van Arsdale and Randel T. Cox shed light on the mysterious Mississippi Embayment. They begin by explaining the origins of the horseshoe-shaped lowland that is underlain by massive quantities...

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Geology Final

Geology Final exam Review EXAM 1 1. What is a mineral? A mineral is a naturally-occurring, inargonaic, crystalline solid with a definite chemical composition and characteristic physical properties. 2. What are eight chemical elements that make up over 99 percent of Earth’s crust? Oxygen (O), Silicon (Si), Aliminum (Al), Iron (Fe), Calcium (Ca), Sodium (Ca), Potassium (Na), Magnesium (K) 3. What are six fundamental geologic principles which are used in relative dating? Superposition, original...

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Geology & Civil Engineering

GEOLOGY & CIVIL ENGINEERING As living creatures, the importance of understanding the earth we live in is paramount for our survival and development. Geology is the “scientific study of the origin, history and structure of the earth”. It involves understanding earth’s processes, materials and its effects on all forms of life. From earth elements such as rocks and mountains to natural phenomenon such as volcanoes and earthquakes, the field of geology encompasses a wide range of concepts fundamental...

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Chapter Two Geology

planet that continually changes because of the interactions among its various subsystems and cycles. Geology, the study of Earth, is divided into two broad areas: Physical geology is the study of Earth materials, as well as the processes that operate within Earth and on its surface; historical geology examines the origin and evolution of Earth, its continents, oceans, atmosphere, and life. Geology can predict the future. Earth’s outermost layer is the crust, which is divided into continental...

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Geology Self-Test Questions

Self-Test Chapter 1 1. ____________ is fundamentally concerned with understanding the processes that operate at or beneath the surface of Earth and the materials on which those processes operate. a. Economic geology b. Physical geology c. Historical geology d. Environmental geology e. Planetary science 2. In the scientific method, a theory is ____________. a. an assumption that cannot be either proven or refuted. b. a plausible, but yet to be proved, explanation of a phenomenon c...

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Application of Sturctural Geology to Petroleum Engineering

BATANGAS STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING ARCHITECTURE FINE ARTS AND COMPUTING SCIENCES PETROLEUM ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT Name: Claudine V. Tanyag Year & Course: PetE-3201 Topic: Application of Structural Geology in the Field of Engineering Speaker: Engr. Dan Emmanuel MonteAlegre Date and Time: March 23, 2013 7:00-12:00pm Venue: Batangas State University Main Campus II Audio Visual Room I. Introduction Seminars are the platform to meet the people with same interest...

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Geology Ch. 1 Study Guide

Christian Hill 8/21/2013 PHYSICAL GEOLOGY CHAPTER 1 – STUDY GUIDE TERMS- Define Physical geology- studies the earths materials, processes and structures within plate tectonics framework, and understand the processes that operates beneath and upon its surface. Historical geology- examines the origin of the Earth and how Earth changed through time. Catastrophism- meaning the Earth's landscape was shaped mainly of great catastrophes. Uniformitarianism- "the present is the key", the...

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Geology Exam Review

property where the atomic bonding between atoms in the crystal structure is perfect with no weakness. GABBRO: a dark, coarse-grained plutonic rock of crystalline texture, consisting mainly of pyroxene, plagioclase feldspar, and often olivine. GEOLOGY: the science that deals with the earth's physical structure and substance, its history, and the processes that act on it. GEOTHERMAL GRADIENT: the rate at which the Earth's temperature increases with depth, indicating heat flowing from the Earth's...

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patroleum geology

and nights of research, the careers that fit me best are jobs in the Petroleum Geology and coaching fields. Although, they are on opposite sides of the job spectrum, they have many similarities and job specifics that relate to me as a future employee, based on my personal interests, “Flow” experiences, Myers-Briggs type, and the Focus 2 assessments given to me by the counseling department of LSU. Petroleum Geology is the study of the earth pertaining to the discovery of oil deposits. A Geologist...

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