Program Evaluations

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Program evaluations primary purpose is to improve teaching and learning. There are four levels of evaluation required in order to successfully assess the program
1. Reaction evaluation
2. Learn evaluation
3. Behavior evaluation
4. Results evaluation

Reaction evaluation is the gathering of information from the program participants. Specifically, what they most liked and least liked about the program and any positive or negative feelings they may have.

Learning evaluation is the gathering of information from participants before and after the learning in order to evaluate principles, facts, and techniques that were acquired.
Behavior evaluation deals mostly with information from observation reports such as the changes in the learner. Observation scales, self rating scales, and questionnaires are also used in this aspect of behavior evaluation.

Results evaluations information is found in normal records of a company, including “effects on turnover, costs, efficiency, and frequency of accidents or grievances, frequency of tardiness or absences, and quality control rejections” (p. 131).

The primary evidence that I think would satisfy:
1. The Learner- For the learner I think that the positive evaluations under behavior and under learning would provide enough evidence to satisfy the learner in that the program was efficient.
2. The Facilitator- As for the facilitator, I feel that positive evaluations under the behavior evaluation, and learning evaluation would be the primary evidence for the facilitator to feel that they were effective in facilitating the program.

3. Agency financially underwriting the program- I feel that each of the areas of evaluation need to be evaluated with positive outcome to assure the financial underwriting agency that their funds are being utilized in a manner that is efficient.

Instructor- I hope I correctly understood the second part of the assignment, it was a little...

Bibliography: Knowles, M. S. (2012). The Adult Learner the definitive classic in adult education and human resource development. Seventh Edition. New York, New York: Routledge.
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