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Topics: Project management, Engineering, Design Pages: 1 (535 words) Published: September 28, 2014
I work in a design group, and we have various detailed processes in place as the design packages moves along to issuing stage. Starting from reception of the projects to the final package delivery, processes are put in place to ensure quality of design. However, due to the amount of experienced engineers and designers in place for many years now, the process have shrunk and steps have been skipped. Lately, due the turnover of employees in the group and age of experienced employees, the group is challenged drastically. The new employees are having trouble following the process as it hasn’t carried over properly, and experienced employees are refusing to go back and follow the process in detail. We typically receive all our projects through Maximo, a tool widely used within the company and trainings are being provided to bring everyone on board to using this tool. The scope of work for the projects along with work orders to be charged to for the design work will come in through maximo. Once the projects are received, the principal engineers look through all the projects and prioritize, which projects are most time sensitive. Which projects the group needs to design first. Once projects are prioritized, the principal engineers assign projects to an engineer and a designer. The engineer and a designer works together, taking the scope of work and doing an investigation of what is currently there and what it would take to do the design (add new equipment, replace old equipment, extend substation, etc.). There is a separate detailed process that the engineer and designer follow in their venture into the design phase. Once the designer has design the project and put the package together, he/she will give to the engineer for checking. They may go back and forth a few rounds before finalizing the project and issuing it. The engineer will check to see if everything included in the scope of work is needed, which is a necessary step that is not hard coded into the process....
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