Principles of Business Syllabus

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BDP 301: Principles of Business Syllabus
November 25, 2009 version

The University of Texas at Austin
School of Undergraduate Studies

Professor Michael Brandl (See information below) Unique: 63610 Spring 2010 Lecture: 2:00-3:15pm TTh in GSB 2.126 Professor Contact Information Email: Office: CBA 2.212 Office Hours: Tu Th 12:30 to 2pm and by appointment Office Phone: 512-232-3355

Course Description The vast majority of non-business majors will, at some point in their professional careers, work for a business or work in business environment. However, many undergraduates finish their studies with little to no understanding of how business firms function. This course is designed to equip non-business undergraduates with the skills they will need to critically examine how business firms’ function and the course will require students to contemplate their future role in a business setting/environment and the knowledge and skills they will need to be successful in such a setting. The course will have four major components. The first portion of the course will examine the “big picture” of business – topics will include the history of business, business ethics and globalization. The second section of the course will focus on financial aspects of firm decision making including the accounting system, financial statements and their analysis as well as financial markets. The third section will focus on management and marketing, while the last section will focus on advanced topics included business law, entrepreneurship and the private equity industry. Throughout the course the current global economic crisis will be discussed and examined. Required Texts & Readings Required Text: Custom text by Primis-McGraw Hill/Irwin. Details to follow. This is a custom ebook text designed specifically for this course. The ebook is a combination of chapters from the leading business textbooks. These chapter readings will serve as the foundation upon which the class discussions will build. Additional required readings will be posted on the course Blackboard web site.

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Grading Policies Lowest during the semester exam score 2nd lowest during the semester exam score 3rd lowest during the semester exam score Mandatory cumulative Final Exam: Thought Paper #1 Thought Paper #2 0% 20% 20% 35% 12.5% 12.5%

Note: class participation, a quality not a quantity concept, will be used to determine grades close to the cut-offs. Final Grade scale: roughly a 20% A, 30% B, 40% C, 10% D & F will be followed. Percentages may vary depending on class performance. Thought Papers During the course students will be required to complete two thought papers that will demonstrate their ability to apply the course material effectively and communicate their thoughts clearly. The papers will be a maximum of 5 pages, double spaced, with appropriate margins. More details will be posted on Blackboard and discussed in class. Tentative Outline (subject to change) Class 1 2 Tu The Big Picture Th Date 19-Jan Topics Intro/Overview Required Readings









21-Jan Business History I - Early Business - Business in colonial america - The early banking debate - Industrial revolution Business History 26-Jan II - Business before WWI - Interwar and WWII - Post War Boom Business History 28-Jan III - American consumerism - LBOs to dot.coms - The future 2-Feb Ethics - Corporate stakeholders - What does profit mean? - Social responsibilities 4-Feb Economics - Supply & Demand - Elasticity & marginal analysis

On Blackboard

On Blackboard

On Blackboard

Lawerence 1 - 3 & 5

Guell Ch 1 & 2

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- Business Cycles 9-Feb Trade - Why people trade - Trade policies EXAM # 1

Guell Ch 15 - 17

8 9

Th Accounting & Finance Tu


16-Feb Acct I - Accounting Cycle - Accounting uses 18-Feb Acct II - Balance Sheet - Income Statesments - Cash Flow 23-Feb Acct III - Using...
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